Mallorca Seasons

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Renowned for it’s hot summers and beach holidays, Mallorca has so much more to offer all year round.

Spring: Lush green and colourful landscapes, warm temperatures and quieter beaches; Spring is a great time to enjoy the island’s natural riches. It’s a popular season for walkers, cyclists and bird watchers, or for those just wishing to catch some early sun.

Events in Spring: The locals are predominately Catholic so Easter is celebrated in typical festive style, with local fiestas in most towns and villages, the largest being in Palma.

Summer: As the hot summer kicks in, the sunworshippers take over. With more than 12 hours of sunshine a day, this is the time to head for the coastline and enjoy the Mediterranean’s crystal clear waters, or laze by a pool. Sailing, water-skiing, kite-surfing and basically all other forms of water sports are available and in abundance.

Events in Summer: Sailing competitions are frequent throughout the whole of the summer with the Kings Cup (Palma Bay, August) topping the bill. For wine lovers, head to the traditional village of Binnisalem in September. This is home of the island’s best (and most renowned) wine, and every year the locals come out to celebrate with a full on two day festival.

Autumn: The perfect conditions return for walkers, and other explorers and naturists. It’s also a good time to appreciate the local way of life and visit the central and mountainous areas of the island. Lively village markets spring up in the most sleepy places, and great home grown produce can be sampled.

Events in Autumn: Local festivals dominate the autumn calendar, and there isn’t a weekend in November without a celebration to visit. The two most popular are the olive festival in Caimari and the agricultural fair in Inca.

Winter: Mild conditions can continue throughout the whole of winter. Up and coming Palma, with it’s lively restaurants and boutique shops, is a great place for a winter break. Inland, the quiet countryside continues to be a relaxing haven, and in late January, becomes peppered with white flecks of pretty almond blossom.

Events in Winter:  January begins with the locals taking to the streets to welcome the Three Kings riding into town. The largest event in Palma also happens in January – Sant Sebastian. The city is taken over by large outdoor barbeques and live music from international and local artists. The festival finishes the next evening with a loud bang, as sky lights up with a multi-million euro firework display.

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