Spotlight on… Sa Seu Cathedral, Palma

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Palma’s imposing Sa Seu Cathedral is a sight that can’t be missed (& it tends not to be as even those arriving by plane see it on the approach into Mallorca airport!). It is a beautiful sight, and however many times you see this huge Gothic building rising from the sea, it still manages to impress.

The 14th cathedral with its imposing soft yellow sandstone buttresses is Palma’s main landmark. It was created to show anyone arriving by sea the power and might of the Christian conquerors.

If you’ve been to Palma you are sure to have seen the impressive Sa Seu Cathedral but have you really seen it – have you been up close or even inside? The cathedral’s interior is a combination of classic Gothic architecture with a 20th century touch of modernista by architect Antoni Gaudi. The outside of the building may be its most impressive feature, but inside it is filled with the gilt and grandeur of a splendid cathedral.

One of the best days to step inside this beautiful building is in the morning on 2 Feb or 11 November when the sun casts an image of the Cathedral’s beautiful rosette window onto the opposite wall to form a figure of eight. This is even more impressive as the window is one of the largest stain glass windows in the world and contains 1,236 pieces of glass, and measures almost 12 metres across.

One of our favourite areas (and an area which has created some controversy and mixed reaction) is the right hand apse of St Peters chapel. Here the contemporary artist Miquel Barcelo has been given free reign to create a modern art take on the well known New Testament parable where Jesus multiplies fish and loaves for his followers. Barcelo has created a dark and dramatic atmosphere with darkened windows above cracked ceramic walls oozing fish, loaves and human skulls. Definitely something you wouldn’t expect  to see in a Gothic cathedral!

So even if you have just an hour to spare, or fancy stepping out of the Mallorcan sun for a bit, the Cathedral up close is worth seeing.

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