Spotlight on… Soller Railway Station: Picasso & Miro Exhibitions

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Train stations are not normally the number one place to find world famous works of art, but the Soller Train Station bucks the trend and houses a small (and free) museum dedicated to the Spanish artists Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso. Rather an unusual spot to admire stunning artwork, we love the casual quirkiness of the location and the accessibility it provides.

In-between dismounting the pretty Palma to Soller train and taking the old style tram to the Port de Soller, you can fit in a rather significant culture boost and take a tour of the exhibitions.

The railway station belongs to the railway company Ferrocarril de Sóller, and built in 1606 it was originally an elegant house, Ca’n Mayol. The railway company restored the building and with its grand courtyard, it now provides rather a stunning entrance to the Soller to Palma train route.

Many visitors to the railway just pass through the grand entrance hall, and admire the architecture, but all they need to do is take a left or a right turn and they will stumble upon works by Joan Miro and ceramics by Picasso. On one side there is a large exhibition of lithographs and paintings by Miro. Whilst on the other side there is an impressive collection of Picasso’s ceramics.

It’s the perfect art pit stop for children to enjoy. Miro’s doodle like paintings and Picasso’s plates with simplified smiling faces and bird shaped jugs can’t help but catch their imagination.

These two exhibition spaces are tied together by the interesting large photographs in the main thoroughfare which document the warm friendship between the two Spanish artists.

We wish there were more of these museums around – a quick grab of culture on the way to somewhere else.

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