Mallorca’s Local Produce: some local (& portable) food delicacies

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For those travelers that like to bring a little bit of the culinary delights of their holiday back home with them, we’ve put together a list of Mallorcan delicacies that can easily be transported. Mallorca is not only a stunning island holiday destination but is also a producer of some delicious products.

Olive Oil, Mallorca

If you want to try some local produce whilst on your travels or you like to bring gastronomic treats home, here are some delicious (& portable) suggestions:

Olives and olive oil:

Mallorca is dotted with groves of ancient and knarled olive trees that are centuries old. The Romans introduced olive trees to the island.

Olive groves at Can Carro Apartments, Mallorca

Many farms have been transformed into stylish boutique hotels but many still carry on the tradition of producing olive oil and olives. The small hotels of Can Carro and Cas Xorc produce their own olives and olive oil which they use in their restaurants. They even have bottles of olive oil ready for guests to take away.

Olives at Can Carro Apartments, Mallorca

One of our favourite produce fairs is the authentic and quaint olive fair in the pretty mountain town of Caimari in the autumn.

If you do want to see how olive oil is made, then head to an olive mill in action between November and January.


The island is renowned for its great tasting wine and deserves a whole blog (to come!) dedicated to it. Head to the foothills of the mountains around Binissalem and you will find yourself amidst a mass of vineyards.

An ideal base for touring the vineyards is Hotel Torrent Fals. The hotel and swimming pool sits amongst rows of grapevines with beautiful mountain views beyond.

Torrent Fals Hotel, Mallorca

Oranges & lemons:

The island is full of orange and lemon groves and an easy way to transport this home is in a jar of marmalade. 

Oranges at Cas Sant Hotel, Mallorca

The main area for citrus fruit is Soller, and some hotels in the area produce their own – perfect for your breakfast during your stay or for taking home. Hotel Cas Sant does a particularly tasty version!

Breakfast at Cas Sant Hotel, Mallorca


The pastry Ensaimadas are so popular in Mallorca that you will often see them packaged up in distinctive shaped boxes & taken on flights.  The ensaimada is a local pastry only available in Mallorca. It’s a fluffy spiral of pastry that is delicious at breakfast or later on in the day filled with custard.


This sausage made with pork and paprika is Mallorca’s most famous meat. It’s been a traditional delicacy on the island for centuries. Buy it from market stalls dedicated to the product. There’s even a festival for this humble sausage – the Sobrassada Fair in the town of Campos in October.


Mallorca is awash with the pretty sight of almond blossom in the spring (normally February), which means the island has an abundance of almonds. With over 5 million almond trees, this is one of the islands main crops.

Almond Blossom in Mallorca

One of the best ways to try it is in the islands traditional moist almond cake, which is delicious with a café con leche or it’s easy to package up and bring home.

Mallorcan Sea Salt:

Produced in the South East of the island at Salines de Colonia Saint Jordi is the luxury sea salt Flor de Sal (sea blossom salt). Originating from the sea water of Es Trenc, the water is pumped into man made salt lakes where the salt is skimmed off and dried. This sea salt is far better for you than average table salt, and can even be bought with delicious flavourings.

Flor de Sal served at Font Santa Hotel, Mallorca

If you fancy staying somewhere with great views over the salt plains, then take a look at the super stylish and relaxing Hotel & Spa Font Santa.

Font Santa Hotel & Spa Mallorca

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